Charles Justiz

The Arab Organization for Human Rights, or the AOHR, aims to create a safer life for citizens of Arab countries. The AOHR defends these citizens rights, as well as defends them from torture or persecution. The AOHR carries out extensive missions to free political prisoners in Arab countries. In some cases, the AOHR acts as a third party and in other cases, as a member of the prosecution team against countries found to be violating human rights.

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The AOHR can receive input from individual persons or organizations and when countries are found to be violating human rights, the AOHR contacts the respective authorities. The organization provides legal assistance and financial aid to victims and families of victims. The AOHR played a vital role in the creation of the Arab Institute for Human Rights in Tunisia, along with the Tunisian League for the Defense of Human Rights, Arab Lawyers Union, and the Centre for Human Rights in the United Nations.

As the AOHR operates in areas where human rights are violated constantly, especially with the introduction of ISIS agency to the already established social structure, the AOHR faces large amounts of conflict in their operations. In December 2012, The Arab Organization for Human Rights published their report that cited the Palestinian Government in “inhumane practices and human rights violations” against the citizens of Palestine. The report alleges that from 2007, the Palestinian government detained 13,271 citizens, and tortured more than 90% of them, resulting in multiple deaths.