The Palestinian Centre for Human Rights (PCHR) is an independent Palestinian human rights organization based in Gaza City. Established in 1995, a group of Palestinian lawyers and human rights activists created a foundation of principles to protect human rights and promote the rule of law, build democratic institutions promoting democratic and civil culture within Palestinian society, and support Palestinian people’s inalienable rights and independence.

PCHR reports on cases dealing with violence in the Palestinian territories and Israel. This ranges from complaints and eyewitness testimonies on any individual in the Israeli occupying forces, security services or any other persons in regards to violating human rights in accordance with international law. Unfortunately many cases go without prosecution and fail to investigate legal obligations condoning human rights violations. PCHR uses law instead of violence to seek further justice for Palestinians through a unilateral position and calls for the Israeli government to prosecute under its legal obligations under international law. They have an administrative board and multiple units dedicated to specific work for the organization such as fieldwork, legal, or economic and social rights. Reports are made weekly and include multiple publications of human rights awareness, submissions to the UN, or closure updates.

PCHR holds training courses to educate about international humanitarian law, legal terminology, and various human rights law. They hold a prisoners’ committee about prisoners’ rights and aim to socially create a long-term effect on promoting human rights in Palestinian society. PCHR defends Palestinian people from the lack of fundamental human values of the political structures established and give hope to many oppressed Palestinian refugees. They aim to generate a more strong civil society educated and committed to democratic human right ideals to improve political situations among Palestinians resident both inside and outside the occupied Palestinian territories.

PCHR mission goes beyond the borders of Israel. Their groundwork is based on a universal social impact and calls for justice based on humanitarian worldwide law. They expose the violence caused by Israeli forces and provide detailed documentation and reports on every case submitted or claimed. By educating and informing, PCHR allows for strengthening a civil society and ensures the interests of each individual. They provide resources and demonstration to people subjugated by the lack of prosecution upheld by the Israeli government and exploitation of the flawed legal system currently in place. PCHR incites both the Palestinian people and the world by advocating human rights and democratic establishments. They create change from the inside out.

BY: Tamarind Jitnoom (picture)