The international crisis group is a conflict prevention NGO that researches causes for conflict and attempts to prevent and resolve conflict in many different areas. Thus, we can look at this NGO’s impact on the recent violence around Tunisia’s borders.  A recent increase in violence around the Tunisian border is due to the advance of radical Islam in the Middle East.  Drug traffickers and Jihad activists are now working together, in which is causing a very unstable situation in Tunisia.  Thus the crisis group has now began to head to the area and make reports on the current situation.

The crisis group is now offering many options or plans of action to the Tunisian government in order to down the potential violent risks on the Tunisian border.  These reports alone are impacting the dynamics of violence in this region. The crisis group is deeply analyzing the situation and working in conjunction with that government to diffuse the violence. By implementing many plans of action, they are diffusing the potential violence and calming down the calamities, and ideological differences down in that area. One of the potential plans that are being carried  out is that Tunisia is to create a National Intelligence agency, to regulate the activities of the contraband and drug cartels while dissipating the violence around the border of the country.

As we can denote, the social impact of the international crisis group is extremely significant in this area as the continuous work will eventually bring down social tensions between the Muslim extremists and others around the area. As the Tunisian government is strengthened and is assisted in the dilemma the conflict will begin to be regulated and brought down.  This will not only make the country safer but will accomplish the global impact the NGO wants. Its advancement of civil society and order will be accomplished here.