War and conflict have both taken over our world in the past centuries. In many countries, communities are in danger day by day, and governments spend billions of dollars trying to keep them safe, while also keeping focus on militaries. This is where Non-Government Organizations come in to play. NGO’s are, “dedicated to humanitarian relief operations generally attempt to maintain a policy that is consistent with the NGO/IFRC Code of Conduct, which has three main guiding principles, the humanitarian imperative, independence, and impartiality in situations of conflict” (1). One very notorious NGO is the American Red Cross.

Established in 1919, the American Red Cross jumped right into helping coordinate international relief provided outside of conflict areas (2). One conflict zone the American Red Cross has helped tremendously in is Iraq. Providing humanitarian relief to the endangered men, women, and children fleeing violence in high conflict zones of Iraq. Although they are not an Iraq based organization, they still help out those in danger no matter what the nation. With the help of thousands of volunteers and vendors, the American Red Cross provides meals, water, and other relief items to families in need. Another contribution the American Red Cross does is donate money to other more local organizations such as the Iraqi Red Crescent. They donated $50,000 to them to strengthen their ability to provide lifesaving assistance to the displaced people in their nation.

So many families are in need of assistance in order to survive all over the world, and the American Red Cross has saves millions of those lives. It is their job to feed, shelter, and provide emotional support to individuals and communities world-wide. They provide blood, teach skills, supports military members and families, and most importantly save lives. Being a non-profit organization, they have made an enormous impact on a large percentage of the world, and honestly without them, many lives may have been lost and communities crushed to the ground.

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