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The Danish Refugee Council is a non-governmental organization(NGO) that focuses on humanitarian intervention. They focus their efforts in conflict areas or regions where war is occurring and provide relief to citizens who are struggling for one reason or another. They are similar to a human rights’ NGO, but they focus more on areas of conflict and war. The organization prides itself on helping refugees, or people who have been misplaced because of war that is occurring in their home region.The members of the organizations’s ultimate goal is to create “durable solutions” for refugees so that they may live as normal of lives as possible even though they are victims of terrible circumstances. The ultimate authority that directs the actions of the NGO is a council made up of representatives who have been a part of the organization for a very long time from the ground up. Many members of the council specialize in a particular region of the world so that all regions may be represented. The Danish Refugee Council helps refugees in war areas by providing housing and small infrastructure, generating income, and providing social rehabilitation.

The first way that the Danish Refugee Council helps refugees is through the building of homes and small infrastructure. Because the organization is an NGO, many find themselves wondering how it is possible for the Danish Refugee Council to do this without any source of income. The organization runs primarily on donations. So using donations, they are able to purchase the materials they need to build the homes along with the services of an engineer or two to design the homes and ensure that they are safe for the refugees. After that, the homes are essentially built mostly by volunteers who travel to war zones in order to help out the cause. Because of the efforts of the many people who donate and the people who help build, the organization is able to provide homes and other necessary infrastructure such as schools to victims of the war who have been forced out of their homes. Many people in Iraq and Afghanistan were forced to leave their homes because it simply wasn’t safe for them to live there anymore. They were essentially homeless before the Danish Refugee Council provided them with a new home,

The next way that the Danish Refugee Council helps refugees is through the production of income generation. Because many people were displaced from not only their homes, but their communities due to the war, many people are left without jobs. They can’t support or provide food and shelter for their families because they simply have no source of income. The Danish Refugee Council comes in and helps them with this in multiple ways. Often times, they will transport the refugees into areas where they are more likely to be hired. They will provide career counselors who can help the refugees create resumes and help them improve their interview skills. This helps them monumentally in their quest to obtain work. Often times, the organization will even help them research and find a potential job that can at least temporarily help them support their families. In all three of these ways, the Danish Refugee Council is an income generator for families that are displaced by war or conflict.

The third war that the Danish Refugee Council helps refugees is through social rehabilitation. Often times, people who are displaced by the war suffer from many emotional and social problems. Many suffer from PTSD and many fall into a state of depression because of their situation. As I learned in AP Psychology in high school, the number one cause of mental disorders is the external situation that the individual is a part of. These refugees have been through a lot and been in situations that many of us can’t even imagine. The Danish Refugee Council will often bring in counselors and psychologists who can help rehabilitate the refugees. They can help them sort through their emotional and psychological problems so that they can once again become a functioning member of society. They can also simply help improve their overall happiness which can lead to more opportunities ahead of the refugees. The Danish Refugee Council believes that this is some of the most important work that they do. They believe that the social rehabilitation of the refugees is just as important as providing them with shelter or helping them find income.

The Danish Refugee Council is responsible for helping people displaced by war by building homes, generating income, and providing social rehabilitation.

The Danish Refugee Council is responsible for helping people displaced by war by building homes, generating income, and providing social rehabilitation.

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