Victoria Bellamy

Save the Children is an NGO that gives children in the United States and around the world protection from the worlds worst disasters. They help give children an education, housing, health protection from HIV and AIDS, environmental protection from natural disasters, and protection from abuse and other violence.

Save the children hinders the combatants from succeeding in fully terrorizing the people or having an attack on the future of those people. In the realm of education, this NGO offers kids in conflict areas the chance at a brighter future.

They have been working in war stricken Syria and are working with UN agencies to provide support to refugees including shelter, food, and protection for children. They have already reached over 250,000 people across Syria. They have developed “Child Friendly Spaces” to let children be children and give them a space to be free from all the chaos and violence in the hands of trusted caregivers. They are supporting schools to stay open and supplying kids with school survival kits so the kids have everything they need. This NGO is supporting health center and hospitals by supplying them with things specifically for children, pregnant women and new mothers. They are helping out with nutrition by keeping bakeries open to supply bread by giving them flour and giving families food baskets with simple ingredients. They are also helping mothers by encouraging breastfeeding instead of diseases that can come from powered milk and teaching them how to sterilize water. They have supplied refugees with basic household things like warm clothes, bed nets, and cooking items because they leave everything behind when they flee. Finally, Save the Children has helped deliver clean water to this desperate place.

Save the Children is always trying to lessen the impact of war on children by aligning them with futures. This changes the dynamics of violence by not eliminating all of their hopes for a better life. They have an impact on every aspect of a child’s life and try to put them on a path away from becoming a child soldier or some slave to the war.