Mendez, Denise


Terror is basically fear, it creates fear in whatever its target is. It has a lot of social impact as well. Terror is usually started by a group of people or even one person that may be a dictator, that group or person makes sure that the civilians get the message, and install fear in them all. This is where they create terror. Recently and the past few years Mexico has been all over the news, not only for the immigrants trying to come into our country but for the drug cartel or a group known as the Zetas that have put fear into Mexico that created terror that changed a lot of social things.

As a kid I started going to Mexico every year during the summer for about two weeks from when i was about 7, until about 13. My family and I stopped going because of this group that was growing quickly and installing fear in everyone, even just visitors. By my family and i not going to visit anymore is just one of the many social changes that came from the terror of the drug cartels (the Zetas). Los Zetas started around 1999 but became a threat in 2010 when they broke away from Mexico’s army.

Los Zetas use many terror tactics, recently there was a video released that showed them beheading 4 innocent women. This is just one of the terror tactics, this group show no mercy to anyone. There located the most across the border from Laredo, i guess to smuggle drugs more easily, but thats also a reason visitors or people living near have so much fear. If they see someone with a nice car, they can stop you and take it from you, and if your lucky you’ll survive even if you don’t put up a fight.

Overall Los Zetas have installed fear into all of Mexico, with all of there terror tactics. The terror they put in Mexico has impacted the social system a lot. From not having a lot of visitors to even removing the soldier they had at the boarder (they did this recently). The Drug Cartel has put implicated so much terror that Mexico is defiantly not the same as it was 10 years ago, Terror can change so many things. It can destroy a city, and even a whole country.