Mark Lyons


One of the social impacts caused by terror would have to be the public backlash against the terrorist groups that is fueled by the government as a means to crush not only the terrorists themselves but the ideology behind the movement itself. This can also be described as a counter terror tactic being implemented out of necessity of the “inhumanity” fueling the flames of terror. A past example of this impact caused by fear of these other groups’ ideology would be the spree of McCarthyism that resulted from the Cold War and the Red Scare. Today, the same premise is used across the globe to counteract the social impact terrorist organizations are bringing to modern society.

An example of this social impact is evident in countries like Saudi Arabia, and that impact results in governmental control of the media and the public’s perception on the terror groups(or is it humanitarianism?).  Saudi Arabia has taken policy action to ensure the public is not falling victim to these ideologies, “to deal with terror [a unit] has been set up in collaboration with educational, religious and social establishments, he said. A culture of dialogue and preparedness to respect the views of others is also being promoted in addition to paying special attention to protecting the youth and foreign residents from the influence of extremist ideologies” (Kingdom). This rejection of extremist ideologies aides in the dehumanization of the terror groups allowing violence in retaliation to become acceptable. This ideological retaliation to terror is just one of the social impacts that terror has on a country.

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