On September 11/2001 the Islamic terrorist group Al-Qaeda, conducted their plan of a massive terrorist attack on the United States. Their terror attack consisted of flying huge passenger airliners into specific industrial targets such as the world Trade center, the pentagon, and a failed attack on the white house. This is considered a terror attack, for AL-Qaeda attacked the population. They hit a weak spot of the United States. However the social impact of this event was massive.

First of all, a great fear swept through the United States, as now Muslims and their image was demonized because of this attack. The terrorist label was placed on the Muslims and a lot of profiling was a by-product of the social impact. Muslims were now not as socially accepted in the United States and were looked upon as a threat to the country’s well-being. This Shows how the errors of a few and victimize the many.

Another social impact was on the Unites States security system. Now airport security ramped up after the attack and even the officers were scared and paranoid of anything happening. As it can be attested to today, security at airports can at times be excessive and exaggerated. However 9/11 made it a necessary change. Another and final social change was the decision for the United States to retaliate and go to war. The government felt the need to invade Afghanistan and reprimand anyone who was affiliated with the attack.  For the country’s national policy to change suddenly just shows how quickly the social change happened.

In conclusion the 9/11 attacks completely changed the public’s mindset and their lifestyles. Their country was now at war and a certain race was demonized in the American point of view.  Security was increased and fear was now present in the public’s mind. 9/11 had an immense social impact on the country.