Justiz, Charles

A TSA agent dons rubber gloves at Washington Reagan National Airport

When the twin towers fell, the world was forever changed. The idea of America as a safe and secure land was shattered and in pieces. An architectural symbol of America’s freedom was destroyed. In the following months and years, multiple changes to life in America and across the world took place. Many of these new regulations and procedures became known as “post-9/11.” Any safety measure that was implemented due to 9/11 is referred to as “post-9/11” and is usually inconveniences the general public further than they were used to.

An example of a post-9/11 security measure is the heightened security measures at airports and the willingness of Americans to put up with increased security measures to allegedly protect their selves from further terrorist acts. The motivation behind “post-9/11” security measures has always been purported to be for the protection of the United States from further terrorist acts, however, the American public’s ‘return on investment’ from the TSA has not resulted in stopping or catching any further terrorist acts on the country. However, the American public continued to be complacent and have our rights impeded upon in the name of patriotism.