Jacquie Burkhardt

bombed school

Throughout the recent progression of asymmetric warfare, children in the areas of conflict have been deeply affected. Many children have the only social structure they are aware of get turned upside down or grow up in a social structure full of conflict so they don’t know anything else. Children lose family members, friends and normal social structures. Something especially affected is children’s education. Schools are sometimes used as locations for weapons and terrorist bases. Also when new schools are created in these conflict zones, often times the terrorist organizations will bomb them with fear that state that created the school will become favorable in the people’s minds. Children are also often recruited by terrorist organizations and their education becomes how to fight in the conflict.

The result is that children are not receiving the education they need. If they are receiving an education, it is an education in the art of warfare. The social structure of attending school, being among peers and learning is completely eradicated or changed. As these children grow up they might be lacking some fundamental knowledge and experiences that they would have received if they weren’t in a conflict zone. They also do not function or react to things the same way that they would have outside of the conflict zone. They might be a lot more concerned for their lives and for the lives of those around them. They also could have a hard time trusting others. When these children are removed from the conflict zone interacting with other children is often difficult for them and normal activities may seem strange and foreign to them. In areas affected by terror children’s education and upbringing is significantly affected.

Picture: https://cintayati.wordpress.com/2014/07/26/let-it-end-ceasefire-without-end-of-seige-is-useless/