Mendez, Denise

sierra leone










Sierra Leone is known for there diamond mines that many people wanted to get a hold of to make some money off the diamonds. Liberia, or to be more exact the Revolutionary united front (RUF) wanted to get to these mines and run them to make profit for their own wars and expenses back home in Liberia. The Revolutionary United Front was a very powerful group, they brought terror into the lives of Leone’s. They recruited kids forcefully killing there family and burning their villages, they also gave them drugs and alcohol to brain wash them. They were also known for cutting of limbs and heads and putting them in public to install more fear in the people. Sierra Leone’s army couldn’t handle this group, as they were always defeated and lost many people from it so that when they got the Mercenaries to fix the problem.

The Mercenaries were called the Executive Outcomes, they were more experienced and were hired to gain control of the area and more importantly get rid of the RUF’s. The Mercenary group started in 1995 after closing a deal to help train the RSLMF, provide logistical assistance and provide combat support for 1.8 million a month. There social role was just to gain control again before the next election and to get the the Revolutionary United Front out of there. A lot of people looked up to them because they were their safety. They also got help from another group the EO’s enlisted called the Kamajors, which were just basically there eyes that looked out for everything. The Mercenaries (EO’s) were stationed in freetown since that’s were the RUF’s were slowly taking over next. In the Executive Outcomes first battle with the RUF’s they won, and they continued to out beat them. So their social role of helping the people on Sierra Leone was definitely coming true.

Overall, Sierra Leone’s mercenaries were called the Executive Outcomes. Their social role was to gain back control from the Revolutionary United Front before the next election and just in general and they did. The people in Sierra Leone were more in peace than before. There involvement paid off even though they didn’t get paid what they were supposed to. Also a little after elections problems started again but they didn’t get involved again because of the payment problems from last time. However for this time period their social role and involvement paid off.