Ayala, Erica


Mercenaries are somewhat a thing of the past. They began as people who were interested in taking part in armed military conflict, but would do so for their own personal gain. Although this is still true for mercenaries today, a lot of other dynamics have changed over time. Becoming a mercenary used to be considered completely acceptable in society and would have no drawbacks in doing so. Today in the US if you were to say you were en route to becoming a mercenary, society would be considerably taken aback. That’s why today the US have creatively created companies that act as military groups but follow the same structure that a mercenary group would.

Many feel that it’s easier for companies that draw out mercenary acts to get away with injustice. The US military wouldn’t normally be able to do the same injustice because they have to abide by certain restrictions. When disguised under a different name, the US can easily input these forces that they have hired, and atypical crimes can occur without being tied to the US military or government. Such was the case with the Blackwater mercenaries. They were a group that was hired by the US to be implanted in Iraq. A massacre took place and four of the mercenaries were convicted of murder for many innocent deaths. Those who were in charge of hiring this group of individuals, weren’t charged and were never convicted. They are just as guilty as the men who were. Although the press caught hold of this controversy and created problems for this mercenary group, they still found a way to get back on the field –through a different company name. Many Americans are blind to the mercenary acts the US practices. It seems as though the US has found a place for mercenaries to remain socially acceptable, without society having to hear the term “mercenary” and suffer indifference.