Ghim, Doug

Woman played a huge role in the second World War. World War II required a substantial amount of men to fight in the war overseas in Europe, leaving households empty, and jobs across the country unoccupied. The magnitude of the war was tremendous in many different aspects. Economically, the nation was booming for the United States and the Allied forces needed significant amounts of war equipment to fight the trenches on the battle field. That is exactly where the woman took place.

Essentially, women took over the social roles of the men while they were away at war. Suddenly, women were left to control the houses, take care of the children, and work in the factories to help the economy. Many historians believe that the second world war was the beginning of a spark for women’s rights here in the United States. The whole nation caught on to the trend of women working, and even promoted it. Posters such as “Rosie the Riveter” were visible on newspapers, boosting the morale of women trying to get involved in the war efforts. With the absences of so many men throughout the country, women seized power that they never had in the past. They were no longer confined to the thresholds of their own homes, and were able to explore the workforce for the first time. Because of this new found power, social change was in store when their husbands returned after the war. As we have seen many times in history, a significant war brings yet another huge social change in a society that once used to be so patriarchal.