World War II was a massive global conflict that called for massive mobilization in many ways for the United States. The majority of men had to be shipped off to war in Europe, while the majority of women and children where left at home. The intimidating German forces had brought the world to a massive crisis as this empire had the potential of conquering a majority of the free world.  Thus, the call to massive mobilization, led to a heightened social role for women. Women began to now mobilize in the current war effort. The social roles shifted here in World War II because of the men overseas. Now women began to work in factories and were beginning to be the prime income sources for their limited families. More than 2.2 million women were working in the industries and factories of war. More importantly, all these jobs had previously belonged to men. Another social role of women that was more “peculiar” (to the current society) and different was the fact that many women were directly mobilizing with the war effort.  400,000 women had now enlisted in the military. Women officially became part of the armed forces in 1948 with the Women’s armed services integration act. Another social role for women was to run campaigns back home to help the war effort on the home front. From food rationing, to helping sell war bonds, many women helped the war in any way they could. They became an integral part in the U.S war effort and their socially heightened roles lifted their opportunities to new heights. Thus the social role for women during this war was significant and rewarding. For the workplace greatly expanded for women as it never had before. Also, the enlistment and participation on the front lines caused to the future enlistment and participation of more women in the military for years to come.