Mendez, Denise


Social structures effect anyone and everyone but they have most affect on children since there’re raised based off a social structure. Each social structure is different based on where you live. We might see others and see that as strange or not like it but everyones is different and to them there way is the right way.

For Example recently Raqqa, Syria has been taken over, which caused their social structure it change. Now that part of Syria is know as the Islamic State. There, their social structure revolves around power. They believe in God and their faith leader, they believe in asking and praising god though out the day. They are mostly all muslim so thats also way religion plays a big role. In the Islamic state the social structure is ruled by a group of men that go around putting fear in people and spreading the word of Allah(God) and how he is great. Everyone else must follow them thats how the structure goes and if you don’t you will be punished.

This social structure plays a role in the influence of these kids because this is a conflict area, and they are brain washing them to teach them their ways. Well to them it isn’t brain washing but since here in American our social structure is different we see it as brain washing. Anyways, in the Islamic state they teach them that the infidels are bad because they kill muslims so they need to kill them all, because they tell them they are all bad. They send kids under the age of 15 to a camp called sharia to learn about their creed and religion. Once they turn 16 they can go to military camp. Although in Raqqa they do not use child soldiers like in other countries they do teach them to hate certain people so when they are a certain age they can kill. Raqqa’s overall social structure influences these kids that religion is everything and that infidels are bad people and they need to kill them all. Social structures overall have a big influence on children because its what there raised off of. It teaches them whats right and wrong.