Climate change
Quan, Ana Danielle


As we are aware a nuclear technology has the effect to eliminate history, it has the potential to literally blow off an entire planet. In contrast with other warfare, a nuclear war represents the end and not the beginning as other warfare might portray. Hence it is natural to state that our society feels threatened by the idea of a nuclear war, as they have seen already the dangers and risks a society runs. It could even be said that the nuclear explosions that happened in mid 1900s have had an effect on the social phenomenon of global climate change.

Climate change has been a social phenomenon that our present society considers to be a big issue for our future and future generations. After I did some research it was brought to my attention that scientific studies that were conducted by both Soviet and Western scientists laid out the dire consequences global climate would suffer due to the major nuclear exchange between the United States and Soviet Union. The study concluded that the nuclear explosion would send a substantial amount of clouds of dust into the stratosphere, which would block the sunlight to pass through.

So what is the social change a nuclear war brings? Our society is constructed by various ways; one of these ways is climate. We have constructed our daily lives around climate conditions. Climate change has affected people mostly in their migration to places that have climate conditions in which they can get accustomed to. For instance climate changes affect human health, infrastructure, energy, food supply and water.

Geographically some areas will suffer either from extreme dry, arid and hence droughts, and other places will experience the totally opposite; heavy storms and flooding. Personally I believe that these kinds of changes, affect how our society is structured. For instance as developed countries such as the US and European countries have been increasing in the power they have, it also means their population has been increasing because people are looking forward to those opportunities the country may offer.

Moreover the hotly debated topic is that we are going to have to get rid of the old ways of making money, meaning we are no longer going to be able to use coal and oil and move to a more renewable source of energy of solar and wind power. People will have to change their ways of using gas powered cars and more to eco- fueled powered cars. This would result in people changing their lifestyles and how they will be spending their money.

More significantly this idea of how nuclear warfare affected global climate change in the long term is related to the idea of postmodernism, as our society is looking for ways to solve problems. In other words in this case we can see how nuclear warfare is linked with how postmodernism challenges modernism in our present society.