Gerald Jacobs

The Formation of the League of Nations Due To World War 1

From 1914 to 1919 World War I brutally decimated much of Europe and Northern parts of Africa. This was a war that was on a scale unlike any other that came before it. Millions of people died or were killed by the war or its direct effects. Poison gas was used to decimate enemy forces. Trench warfare was ruthless, bloody, and costly. Often, it was just a group of soldiers running at a fortified position in the hopes that they could gain a small foothold to attack the next position. Often, these soldiers would fail resulting in permanent death. Armed bodies were pitted against each other like animals.

After these atrocities had been committed, the world was ready for an attempt at changing its ways. There was a need to create a political body that would attempt to stop all or most armed conflicts to come. The group that was created was the League of Nations. In this group, many countries were represented. They convened with the hope that problems and conflicts could be solved without total warfare. This original League of Nations had few successes; however, it was successful in introducing the concept of international peaceful relation on a broad scale. This concept has been used to set up one of the most important international committees that is still residing over international policy today: The United Nations.

The United Nations attempts to navigate countries through conflicts in such a manner that there is no armed conflict. Before The League of Nations attempted to do the same, it was unheard of, and it took a second world war for the world to figure out that this is a concept worth investing in.