Source of Image: Wikipedia

Written by: Calos Diaz

After World War II there was a change in women’s roles in German society. The death of a majoritynof German men, brought by World War II, caused a social change in the lives of German women. Furthermore women remained avid laborers well after World War II in Germany.

German women in post World war II, had to fend for themselves in all sorts of occupations. During World War II, the radio broadcasting industry became an important source of jobs for women in Germany. World War II brought a disparage in population numbers, in terms of the ratio of men to women. Subsequently the exodus of females into the “paid workforce”, which occurred during the war,left a vast number of female workers in post total war Germany.

Therefore World War II caused a social change in the role of women in Germany. During the war women were mobilized as consumers and workers in places like the radio broadcast industry, this mobilization brought them out of the domestic social sphere. Not only did World War II leave a greater population of women, due to the high casualties of German men, World War II changed the previous culture of women housekeepers and replaced it with a culture of hard-working female workers in many job sectors that remained after the war.

Sources: Time Consuming: Women’s Radio and the Reconstruction of National Narratives in Western Germany. -Alexander Badenoch