Jacquie Burkhardt

Before World War Two women’s role was primarily in the home and within the realm of the family. When a lot of the men joined the war effort a lot of jobs opened up on the home front. Women were asked to fill these roles. Women were doing jobs that they never before were considered for and doing them well. Traditional men’s roles like mechanic, factory worker, ship builder and weapons manufactures were taken over by women. When the war was over and men returned home, a lot of women left their jobs to return to their roles as home makers however many stayed on as well.
Women filled the need that the work force had during the war. This completely changed their roles and the expectations of women. When the war was over many tried to encourage the same status quo of women in the home but things were forever changed and could not go back. Though many women returned to the home, the women’s right movement now had a new edge. Society realized that women were capable of doing these jobs, they still believed that they could not do these jobs as well as men. The war was a catalyst for changes in the expectations and demands of and for women.
Picture citation: http://plainshumanities.unl.edu/homefront/women?section=homefront