The industrial revolution was mainly the changing to new manufacturing processes, thus mechanizing society into a more modern world. The current complacent ways of life where changing rapidly as time was now officially established in order to dictate work schedules. Also, technology was starting to become a pivotal aspect of everyday life. Thus the industrial revolution brought about motorized vehicles, the main inventor being Henry Ford. He established the Ford motor company and mass produced many vehicles, beginning in the early 1890’s. His method of mass producing in bulk through factories while using various workers in assembly lines brought about the concept on Fordism. Which in turn, changed many aspects of their society. Fordism called for various things,such as mass production,using many unskilled workers and raising wages.

The social change within Fordism was simple but revolutionary. There was now a high demand for many factory workers, thus bringing in many people into the assembly lines and creating a more structured work schedule for many individuals. The immigration of many families to the cities to work in these factories caused for their lives to be regimented quickly into the new city/ factory life. Time for leisure, and socialization was now cut short, for now the lives of the masses where run by companies that had needs waiting to be fulfilled. Work schedules, city life, and the new technologies where reshaping society as a whole.  No longer was there a sense of self-sustainment on a farm. Another notable social change is that Ford had to increase his workers’ wages so they could in turn afford the products they are toiling hard to make. Now workers where planning on purchasing innovative breakthroughs that would better their lives.  Also unskilled workers where qualified to work in the assembly line and thus, no certain specialization was needed. This caused for many available jobs for the masses and the closing of the gap between the elite and the poor.

In conclusion, the belief of Fordism was a concept that brought about the ways of the industrial revolution. Furthermore, various social changes where enacted in part to Fordism changing the lives of many, molding this world to the current society as we know it.