imageShays rebellion took place In Massachusetts between 1786 and 1787. It was a series of revolts that occurred in generally the Springfield area. Daniel Shay was an ex war veteran who was living as a farmer in Massachusets. He was discontent with debt collection, land seizures, and the government in general. A lot of other people were as well; usually the shay rebellion is categorized as a “poor farmers rebellion” however, people from all socio-economic backgrounds were involved. So shay and his followers (shaysites) rose up with arms against the Massachusetts courts and then eventually marched against the Federal Armory at Springfield. Their attempt to seize the weaponry didn’t work out, however they got their point across.

The shay rebellion caused a lot of change to occur in the newly founded United States. When it occurred, the central government had no way to control the uprising due to the lack of an army. Under the articles of confederation, the central government was not allowed to raise or train an army. So, when the outburst occurred, there was no way of stopping it. This rebellion truly showed the weaknesses and holes in the new form of government. The rebellion served as a catalyst for political change. The founding fathers realized that the old form of government was not working and that they needed to revamp it. They decided to change the system that oppressed the central government into one where it had more power. Shays rebellion was a perfect example of why the central government needed to be more powerful. When they wrote out the new form of government, the constitution, they fixed many of the problems the articles of confederation had. The ideology changed from more of a anti federalist attitude to a federalist one.