Assignment 3: Russian Revolution and Political Change

Jacquie Burkhardt


Russia went through a series of revolutions throughout 1917. One of the main changes was the change in political systems. The Tsarist autocracy was destroyed which eventually laid way for the creation of the Soviet Union. World War One revealed the weaknesses in the government system and when the Tsar took personal control of the army all defeats seemed to be his fault. There were also mass shortages in food and supplies. Vladimir Lenin and the Bolshevik party gradually rose to power and inspired the people tor revolt. Russia soon went from a monarchy to a communist state.

The people of Russia had slowly been growing disillusioned with the monarchy and the lack of power for the lower class. Throughout the last century the monarchy had been slowly losing power. World War One however revealed to the people the negatives of their situation and prompted them to demand change. They no longer wanted a single or small group of rulers but all wanted some sort of power. They also were tired of not having enough food and supplies. Communism was the natural choice, encouraged by Lenin, for the Russian public. Through this new system everyone would be able to have what they needed and have some say in their government. There would be no oppressive upper class lording over them. The Russian Revolution shows how an unhappy people can find ways to make change to improve or change their situation.