Mendez, Denise

tudor photo

The Tudor Dynasty was made of five sovereigns that were well known in the royal history. They ruled for over a century, one-hundred and eighteen rememberable years. During the Tudor period England became one of the leading european colonial powers. During this time they also saw some cultural and social changes. The major ones having to do with religion.

Mary was born in 1553, she was the first Queen regnant. Which means she is inheriting it through her own right and not by marriage. She was King Henry’s first child. However, an Act of Parliament in 1533 had declared her illegitimate and removed her from the succession to the throne (she was reinstated in 1544, but her half-brother Edward removed her from the succession once more shortly before his death), (website, pg.1)

Mary made many cultural social changes, the biggest being religion. She was even removed from her succession because her father and others feared her changes for religion and what she could possibly do with her powers. However Mary did restore and revive many things such as papal supremacy in England and the old heresy laws. Due to her changes about 300 Protestant heretics were burnt in three years. Overall not many agreed to her changes with religion but she did make some social change during this period.