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In medieval (early 14th century) Europe there was an existing social structure of a “cult of violence” with medieval knights. They had an omnipotent establishment of games and competitions of war in order to climb and gain status in their societal order.  A  knight was an elected serviceman for military purposes within a country. Usually a knight was elected by a monarch or someone with immense status. Thus these knights where holders of a certain authority and power within their society. They served as keepers of their leader’s status quo and enacted every military command thrown their way. War and fighting was solely their purpose for order and thus, their culture was very focused on weaponry and armor. There where technological changes also taking place at this time. Coincidentally,significant changes and advancements in weaponry. Gunpowder was being innovated and guns and canons where starting to arise in medieval Europe.

The invention of gunpowder in medieval Europe brought about an immense technological social change.  This a great example of social change because it gave the knights social footing a new dimension with gunpowder. Now their armor was vulnerable to pellets and artillery. Riding on horseback and fighting with lance and sword would not meet the new societal needs of war. A simple peasant carrying a gun could now take down a knight. The latter is not congruent with the past cult of violence that knights had for status. Their pedestal now seemed to drop as technological improvements arose. They had to change with the times and update themselves with the new technological happenings and changes. The custom and conformity of society was drifting away from the knights all powerful reign as new battle tactics and war customs had to be thought out.  Therefore the knights past place in the structure is wasting away. The cultural aspect of armor was now insignificant and society’s defined image of a knight crumpled with gunpowder. Also cannons could now easily tear apart castles, in which housed the elite of whom the knights protected. The social hierarchy of the middle ages was almost literally dismantled.  Knights lost their place in the structure for their power was now disintegrated. From being highly regarded gatekeepers, they became old relics, taking part in tournaments and used as a form of entertainment other than a legitimate form of battle. In conclusion, the social change brought about by gunpowder caused a shift in power in the structure and a toppling of literal structures in the medieval society. The shifting of cultural war tactics and the implementation of this new weaponry sparked grand change through conflict and technology that would affect our world as we see it today.

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